Let's cultivate the sun

New generation of dynamic photovoltaic systems for agriculture.


SESA is a Greentech startup developing a dynamic photovoltaic system for agrivoltaics. We are making major technological advances that will enable us to rethink the synergies between agricultural production and solar energy.

Agrivoltaics can help meet several challenges:

  • Protecting agriculture against climate change. Protecting crops with solar panels helps limit the impact of droughts.
  • Free up land to meet energy transition targets. Installing solar panels above crops is a way of meeting the challenges of deploying solar energy without artificializing the soil.
  • Improve farm competitiveness. The farmer broadens his activities to become what we at SESA call a "Sun Cultivator”

Harvest solar energy while preserving crops.

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The green industrial solution of the future

SESA contributes to the development of the French green industry by demonstrating that it is possible to develop high-performance technological solutions at controlled cost and with low environmental impact.

With EcoTrack, SESA is developing a 1-axis directional dynamic photovoltaic system integrating mechanical and software innovations.

EcoTrack has been designed to be the most competitive solution on the market, thanks to a unique design that optimizes structural costs and intelligent control software that optimizes solar production and crop protection.

With the unprecedented integration of wood in the structural elements and minimal use of materials, Ecotrack is the solution with the lowest environmental impact that blends harmoniously into rural landscapes.

Eco - design


Our 3-innovation solution

  • Self-supporting structure on a cable that orients the solar panels along 1 axis.
  • Can be installed on existing crops without prior uprooting.
  • AgriPV Track, the most powerful control software on the market, based on AI and camera images of the sky.

Because the environmental impact and public acceptability of our installations are values and issues that are close to our hearts, SESA has developed Ecotrack in line with eco-design criteria.

Low environmental

Reduced carbon footprint thanks to the use of wood instead of imported steel.

Low social

A structure that blends in with its surroundings to make it more acceptable to residents.


Optimization of the number of foundations and use of minimally invasive anchoring techniques.

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