SESA is developing a Smart Solar Tracker that breaks with the current market product regarding performance and robustness. We have integrated AI into a robust mechanical structure to make it the most competitive in the market

« We are building the next generation of solar power plants where digitalization and artificial intelligence will drive the next innovations in solar plant optimization. »

Our vision at SESA

SESA is a French initiative with an international dimension that relies on an unprecedented merge of competencies of industrialists, solar energy experts, and data scientists. Our goal is to participate in the sustainable reindustrialization of France and Europe by building a large-scale industrial solution for the solar sector.

Our project is to develop in Europe, and in particular, in France, a new generation of solar tracker products in which AI is the brain of the technology. In this intelligence, we have put all our knowledge coming from the CNRS PROMES laboratory an internationally recognized French research laboratory in solar energy.

Our tracker is been designed to meet the requirements of software control. Our positioning is clear, providing a robust and performing product that will make it the most competitive on the market over the lifetime of the solar power plant.

Our approach was to start from innovative digital solutions and develop vertically on the value chain of solar tracker power plants. Developing innovative and efficient software is one thing, but extracting the maximum added value from it for use cases is another. If you want to create impact, you have to take ownership of the application and be a direct player in the use cases.

Our product

Our Smart Solar Tracker is the combination of a robust innovative structure designed for software optimization, an AI intelligence machine as a control unit, and breakthrough technological innovations for solar resource measurement and forecasting.

Smart tracking controller

An AI machine that controls solar panel motions and can be integrated into operating solar tracker power plants.

The AI machine is fed by disruptive solar resource measurement and forecasting information coming from a sky imager installed on-site. The AI unit control takes the best predictive tracker orientation strategy to improve productivity gains and robustness of the solar power plant. Developments are in progress to integrate the ground topography to make possible the deployment of solar power plants to hilly terrain.

Disruptive solar resource measurement & forecasting solution

SESA has developed 2 disruptive solutions for the measurement and short-term forecasting of the solar resource. From camera images, we can extract measurements of the diffuse and direct components of the solar irradiance, measure the global irradiance for all possible tilts angle, and accurately predict the evolution of the sky state over horizons shorter than 1 hour.

A unique and innovative mechanical system to support the full potential of software innovation

SESA’s teams are developing a structure with technological choices for software performance, facilitating installation and reducing OPEX costs over the entire life of the solar plant..

« Our know-how is the result of years of research conducted at the PROMES-CNRS laboratory. »

The PROMES-CNRS laboratory, whose research activities are related to the valorization of solar energy, has undertaken the development of innovative solutions, both from a hardware and software point of view, for the multi-horizon forecasting, in time and space, of the solar resource. They are the result of the laboratory’s participation in several research projects related to solar resource forecasting and management of systems involving solar energy.

SESA is supported by SATT AxLR in a technological maturation program

SATT AxLR promotes the results and expertise of academic laboratories in Eastern Occitania.

It helps transform inventions into innovations to develop products or services in line with industrial and commercial needs.

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