SESA develops solutions for optimizing the performance of solar power plants based on high-accuracy solar resource forecasting tools

« We are helping to build the next generation of solar power plants where digitalization and artificial intelligence will drive the next innovations in solar plant optimization. »

Tracking PV Boost

Optimization solution for solar tracker power plants

Intelligent control of solar trackers to increase the share of diffuse irradiance captured by the solar field during specific sky situations. Our solution uses a wide-angle field camera installed on-site and high-precision short-term prediction models of the solar resource.


Short-term solar resource forecasting solution for the control of hybrid photovoltaic solar power plants. Hybridization of power plants can be realized with diesel generators, Li batteries, or hydrogen electrolyzers.

SESA has developed a unique solution on the market to forecast the solar resource’s 3 to 10 min time horizons. Our solution is addressed to developers of energy management solutions for hybrid solar power plants who wish to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by generators, secure the energy supply or optimize the use of storage batteries.

« Our know-how is the result of years of research conducted at the PROMES-CNRS laboratory. »

The PROMES-CNRS laboratory, whose research activities are related to the valorization of solar energy, has undertaken the development of innovative solutions, both from a hardware and software point of view, for the multi-horizon forecasting, in time and space, of the solar resource. They are the result of the laboratory’s participation in several research projects related to solar resource forecasting and management of systems involving solar energy.

SESA is supported by SATT AxLR in a technological maturation program

SATT AxLR promotes the results and expertise of academic laboratories in Eastern Occitania.

It helps transform inventions into innovations to develop products or services in line with industrial and commercial needs.

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