Jean-Baptiste Beyssac

CEO & co-fondateur

10 years of experience as manager of a solar technology platform at the University of Perpignan. Jean-Baptiste has developed a very good knowledge of the professional networks and the market in the solar field both on the French territory and internationally.

Julien NOU

Data scientist & co-fondateur

With a Ph.D. in engineering sciences, Julien has more than 8 years of experience in the development of solar resource forecasting models for the purpose of predicting the electricity production of solar power plants. He is responsible for product development at SESA and co-inventor of the patent used by SESA.

Morgan Defrain

Business developer & co-fondateur

With several past experiences as a platform and support manager for large accounts, Morgan develops and structures the commercial part of SESA.

Stéphane Grieu

Conseiller scientifique

University professor (61st section of the CNU) and co-leader of a research team at the PROMES-CNRS laboratory. He is a specialist in automatic/deep learning (artificial intelligence). His research activity deals with the control of photovoltaic and thermodynamic solar power plants, possibly equipped with storage systems, thermal/electrical networks, and microgrids. He is also interested in the energy performance of low-energy buildings and in the management of decentralized production. Stéphane Grieu is the author of about 170 papers and publications and co-inventor of the CNRS patent developed by sesa.

Advisor board

Laurent Xatart

Project manager at SATT AxLR, Laurent has more than 20 years of experience in the industry as a production and industrialization manager in the field of microelectronics and bio-medicine.

Julien Eynard

As a lecturer at the University of Perpignan, Julien is involved in research projects concerning predictive control of energy systems in the field of building energy, smart electricity networks, heating networks, and solar power plants.

Stéphane Thil

Stéphane is a lecturer at the University of Perpignan and is involved in research projects on the development of solar resource forecasting algorithms.